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Yet another arcade racing game?

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

So, after many years only playing games, now I want to make a game. I have decided to try to do a racing game.

Why racing?

Because I have this:

Logitech G25 steering wheel

Logitech G25 steering wheel

And I enjoy using it. A great deal. I do plan the game to be compatible with keyboard, mouse, gamepad, etc, but I want to play with my wheel.

Why arcade racing?

We have lots of arcade racing games already, some of them very good. We have the NFS series, we have Test Drive series, and we have the Burnout series (and probably lots of other good arcade racers).

However, the only alternative to arcade racing is simulator racing. And we have iRacing. There’s no way I can do anything as good as iRacing, even Sony with their might only managed to do Gran Turismo 5, and iRacing is still better.

GT5 has PS3 exclusivity, and there are way more GT5 players than iRacing players, but I plan to do PC development, and there’s no way to out-sim iRacing on the PC.

As there are lots of arcade racing games and lots of styles, the only way to really think of something new and fresh is to go back to the basics and start from that.

Why do we race?

I enjoy racing in the iRacing simulator, trying to get the last lap one tenth of a second faster than the last lap. I enjoy passing other cars. I enjoy passing other cyclists on the road. I enjoy getting close to them, chasing them. Lots of simracers share this joy with me.

We all have some basic brain wiring about chasing and running away, that is very important for survival. We needed to chase and hunt, and we needed to run away from more dangerous predators.

In normal life we don’t have the chance to use these instincts, so we get road rage and suffer in traffic jams. We enjoy real racing, and we enjoy playing racing games.

But the games with chasing like the cops-and-speeders¬†game-play¬†are the most addictive, as chasing and hunting instincts are at full there, you aren’t just trying to pass someone, you are hunting him down.

So I want a chasing game, with powerful cars, and hunting techniques. I want ambushes, tricks and traps, and hunted cars.

And I hope some day to make a living out of making videogames.